Annual General Meetings

The Religious Archives Group 2017 conference will be on Friday, 5  May 2017 at Bermondsey Convent of Mercy. The theme is Women in Religious Archives.

The programme is as follows:

10:00              Coffee/welcome

10.15-11.00   Matt Naylor, Archivist, Institute of Our Lady of Mercy and Jenny Smith, Archivist, Union of the Sisters of Mercy GB: ‘Sacrifice and service’: Sisters of Mercy in the Crimea and St John’s & St Elizabeth’s Hospital, 1854-1990

11.00-11.45   Dr Carmen Mangion, Birkbeck College: Re-reading of the archives: women in religious archives

11.45-12.00   Tea break

112.00-12.45 Fabiana Barticioti, LSE Library & Archives: The archives of the Movement for the Ordination of Women

12.45-13.45   Lunch

13.45-14.00   Religious Archives Group AGM

14.00-14.45   Rosemary Seton, SOAS: “Others might have buckled … famines and droughts, floods, fire and native customs:” perspectives on British missionary women in the 19th and 20th centuries.

14.45-15.30   Dr Anne Summers, Birkbeck College: Christian and Jewish Women in Britain, c1880-1940

15.30-16.00   Tour of the Institute of Our Lady of Mercy

16:00              Close

If you need a copy, the above programme can be downloaded as a Word (.doc) file here.

2016 conference

The 2016 conference was held at Canterbury Cathedral on Monday May 9th, 2016. This was Digitisation and Religious Archives. Notes from the meeting will be put on the website as and when available.

AGM papers for previous years are available below:

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