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Digital Religion

Digital Religion was the title of a conference held last year at the Center for Religion, Media and Culture at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

The pre-conference discussion paper suggested three ways of seeing the interplay between religion and digital media: the use of such media to convey traditional religious practices, the novel forms of religious life made possible by new technologies and, thirdly, a ‘large, fluid, and evolving category beyond these’ in which ideas of what is and what is not religion are being challenged and redefined

The conference website, featuring presentations and other material, is being mounted online at http://cmrc.colorado.edu/the-natural-history-of-the-digital-religion-conference/.  So far the plenary videos are available, that by Heidi Campbell of particular interest in highlighting the range of ways in which religion is conducted online.

Although the issue of how to capture and preserve these manifestations of faith was not a concern at the conference, the proceedings are a reminder of how even traditional aspects of religion are being affected and will potentially be transformed by digital technology.